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  File Transfer/Backup/File Sync between FTP server and client, and between two mapped drives


File Transfer/Backup/File Sync
One for All

!SyncMaster is your one for all file transfer program. It supports file transfer / backup / file sync between FTP server and client, and between mapped drives. To facilitate your unique requirements, !SyncMaster allows custom program execution before and after each file transfer; it also allows custom FTP login squence instead of the standard one.

Compressed Backup  

Through defining profile transfer, you can easily setup daily/weekly/monthly and full system backup. Option of compressing system backup is also available. !SyncMaster provides easy restore through the use of Windows Explorer.

File Sync According to Time and/or Comparisom Result

File Sync bases on timestamp with user-defined timezone adjusment. For FTP file transfer; file comparisom can be enabled in addition to timestamp.

Multiple threads

Multiple threads are supported. You can have foreground profile transfer, background profile transfer and file transfer on the active window all at the same time. Each thread has its own visible status update in main form.


Option to Include/Exclude Files/Directories

!SyncMaster provides an filter editor which enables users to include or to exclude files and directories for each file transfer.


Mail Notification

Option of mail notification for each file transfer is available. Option to include the transfer file list is also available.

Specify Temporary Directory

If compressing backup is enabled; it would be desirable not to put temporary directory in C: drive. Compressing can increase fragmentation ratio by large margin. To avoid system performance penalty due to ` fragementation; just put temporary directory in a separate disk partition.

Support Compare, Delete, Edit, MkDir and Rename Commands

On the active windows in main form, users can compare, delete, edit files and/or directories; Make diretory and rename file and directory. User can specify favoriate editor in the system setup.


Feature List